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In fact it is A80486DX2-50 for upgrade A80486SX 16-25 and A80486DX 25. CPU has 487SX pinout (169pins) and is intended for OverDrive socket. One extra pin assigned to disable the Intel i80486SX CPU. Original CPU can be removed.

Manufacturer: Intel
Type: Microprocessor
Introduced: June 1993
Name (codename): 486DX2 OverDrive Processor (P23T)
Code (Copyright): DX2ODP50 (Intel 1989 1992)
Specification number: SZ902
Core speed: 32MHz(16MHz BUS), 40MHz(20MHz BUS) or 50MHz(25MHz BUS)
BUS: 16MHz – 25MHz, 32-bit
Transistors (Die size): 1 200 000 (81mm square)
Technology: 0.8-micron
L1/L2 cache: 8kB / to 512kB (external, BUS speed)
Can address: 4 GB of physical and 64 TB of virtual memory
FPU: Integrated
Whetstone FPU: ?MFLOPS
Drystone ALU: ?MIPS
V core (typical/max.): 5V – 6.5V
Power dissipation (typical/max.): 3.75W – 4.75W (at 50MHz)
Operating temperature (min./max.): 0 – 95°C
Package (Socket): Ceramic PGA-169pin (Socket 2,3)
Dimensions: 44.5 x 44.5 x 13mm

Origin: John Munro (Canada)

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