CPUpages.comCXD8530CQ (MIPS R3051)

This is R3000A-compatible (R3051) 32bit RISC chip from PlayStation 1. The chip is manufactured by LSI Logic Corp. with technology licensed from SGI. The chip also contains the Geometry Transformation Engine and the Data Decompression Engine.

Manufacturer: Sony + LSI Logic Corp. (licensed from SGI)
Type: 32-bit RISC Microprocessor
Introduced: 1995
Name (codename): CXD8530CQ with MIPS R3051 core – R3000A compatible (?)
Code (Copyright): CXD8530CQ (no)
Specification number: no
Core speed: 33.8688MHz
BUS: 33.8688MHz, 32-bit
Transistors (Die size): ? (?mm square)
Technology: ?-micron
L1/L2 cache: 4kB+1kB / none
Can address: 4GB of physical and 64TB of virtual memory
FPU: Integrated
Whetstone FPU: ?MFLOPS
Drystone ALU: 30MIPS
V core (typical/max.): 5V – 7V
Power dissipation (typical): ?W
Operating temperature (min./max.): 0 – 85°C
Package (Socket): PPGA 200-pin (Soldered on motherboard)
Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 3.5mm

Geometry Transformation Engine features:
– Operating Performance of 66 MIPS
– 360,000 Flat-Shaded Polygons per second
– 180,000 texture mapped and light-sourced polygons per second

Data Decompression Engine features:
It is responsible for decompressing images and video. Documented device mode is to read three RLE-encoded 16×16 macroblocks, run IDCT and assemble a single 16×16 RGB macroblock. Output data may be transferred directly to GPU via DMA. It is possible to overwrite IDCT matrix and some additional parameters, however MDEC internal instruction set was never documented.

– Compatible with MJPEG and H.261 files
– Operating Performance of 80 MIPS
– Directly connected to CPU Bus

Origin: Juggernault

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