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MC68LC040 is low-cost MC68040 without integrated co-processor (FPU).

Manufacturer: Motorola
Type: RISC Microprocessor, Microcontroller
Introduced: 1991
Name (codename): 68LC040 (?)
Code (Copyright): XC68LC040RC33B revision B (no)
Specification number: no
Core speed: 33MHz
BUS: 33MHz, 32-bit
Transistors (Die size): 962 000 (?mm square)
Technology: 0.57-micron HCMOS
L1/L2 cache: 4kB + 4kB / 512kB (external on board, bus speed)
Can address: 4GB of physical and 1GB of virtual memory
FPU: Not integrated, Co-processor 68881 or 68882
Drystone ALU: 34.8MIPS
V core (typical): (5±0.25)V
Power dissipation (typical/max.): 3.0W – 4.9W
Operating temperature (min./max.): 0 – 110°C
Package (Socket): Ceramic PGA-179pin (Socket PGA-179pin)
Dimensions: 47.2 x 47.2 x 7mm

Origin: Peter Hauer (Germany)

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