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Welcome to our processor museum – CPU!

We would be pleased to see you over again on this forum and hoping you find it useful.
Please make sure you don’t violate any of following rules:

1) When adding new post or comment insert it to most appropriate section only. Not related posts or comments will be removed without warning. Try to be descriptive as possible to maximize the searching facility option.

2) Please obey copyright rules. Any requests for Warez (unlicensed software, key-gens and similar illegal materials) and spam related materials will be handed over to international law enforcement.

3) When adding images try to reduce total size and include total size in KB in brackets.

4) Comment should be written using default font. Adding coloured, enlarged font or using emoticons is used to only emphasis meaning of the comment.

5) Comments published by only using enlarged coloured font will be understood as advertisement and will be removed!

6) Comments on the forum should meet common social manners.

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